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We offer the following massage treatments


Nothing beats a professional treatment after a long flight. By stimulating the blood circulation you will feel fatigue leaving your body being replaced by new energy.


An aromatherapy massage is a relaxing and very effective treatment which will eliminate any tension in the body. We use natural aromatic oils for this treatment, which will have a healing effect on your body and mind. The oils will provide nourishment for your skin whilst relaxing your muscles and clearing your mind.


This tailor made massage is created to cater your personal physical needs. Different techniques will be used to create the best result for you.


A pampering moment for your feet, including a foot scrub and a relaxing foot massage.


A treatment aimed to loosen up tense muscles in your neck, back and/or shoulders in order for you to relax: the two essential aspects to fight migraines. This is followed by a head massage.


This treatment involves the use of slow strokes. The masseuse massages your body in line with the blood flow towards the heart, in order to stimulate blood circulation. Not only the upper layer of the skin is treated, the muscles are massaged as well which stimulates blood circulation which leads to relaxation and flexibility.


This is a treatment of subtle strokes and light massaging movements leaving you relaxed which will leave you with less physical issues. Blood circulation is stimulated increasing the body’s intake of oxygen and nutrition for both mother and baby. Regular treatment will reduce cramp in the calves and legs.


Using heat and movement enables the masseuse to reach deeper into the muscle tissue which makes the treatment more effective. A hot stone massage aides the healing process of the body, it promotes detoxing the body, stimulation the organs and creating an overall balance.


A deep tissue massage treats the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. The deep tissue treatment is similar to a regular treatment, however, the movements are slower and more focussed on specific pain and tension areas. This treatment will be beneficial if you suffer from chronical tension and tight muscles such as the neck, lower back and shoulder region.


This is a short and effective massage focussed on the neck, back and shoulder area.


30 minutes* € 53
45 minutes € 70
60 minutes € 80
75 minutes € 90
90 minutes € 105

* only available for foot pampering, anti migraine and bns